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May 31, 2014

Native Warm Season Grasses and
wild flowers planted at one of our
habitat projects.  

In our 6 years as a Pheasants
Forever chapter, we planted nearly
5,000 acres of habitat in Butler,
Montgomery and Preble counties
and spent over $250,000 for habitat
seed, herbicides and fertilizers.

We were the #1 PF
chapter in Ohio in 2006
in terms of dollars
spent on habitat.
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Pheasants Forever National
web site.
What's New?
We were the #1 PF chapter in Ohio  based on our 2006 habitat expenditures!  
And we are #4 in Ohio in 2007.   We bring nearly 20 years of conservation work
and knowledge to the organization and your habitat projects.

One of the best aspects of Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever is that 100% of
the money the chapter raises stays in the chapter for use in local habitat projects
and youth events.  And while the name says pheasants, our work benefits
bobwhite quail, turkey and a multitude of game and non-game species.
We can help you with your habitat projects, right down to a turn key situation.
Membership has it's advantages.
A Little About What We Do
Pheasants Forever establishes and maintains upland habitat and educates the public on the "hows and whys" of
good conservation practices.  We have purchased 5  seed drills, each costing about $13,000, donating 3 to the
Division of Wildlife, and have contributed $10,000 toward the purchase of Woodland Trails Wildlife Area, near
Camden, Ohio.  
In just 6  years, we have contributed more than $250,000 to local conservation efforts.

Our new habitat restoration manual created in cooperation with Miami University is now available.
                                                   You may view it on line by clicking here.

We have been very active with the new CP-33 program and have been cooperating with the Farm Service
Administration and the Pheasants Forever Ohio state biologist to plant additional acreages in Butler, Preble and
Montgomery counties.  We have also assisted in funding the 6 new PF FSA biologists to streamline the
enrollment in this program.  
Contact your Ohio PF biologist to learn more about the CP-33 program.
Butler County Pheasants Forever
Habitat committee for information and assistance with habitat restoration and planting.
State certified burn crew for maintenance of native warm season grasses.
Annual banquet.
Annual youth hunt.
Annual Summer Sportsman's Outing.
Underwriter members receive special benefits.
Welcome to Butler County Pheasants Forever